Basilisk & Co.

Session five.

Fodd shows his loyalty (or general evilness) by helping the party kill off his entire tribe, much to their joy.

Afterwards the party move through a few groups of goblin’s as they enter goblin territory in the Sunless Citadel. During this they recover the dragonling, Calcryx.

Asher woos and convinces Calcryx to partern with him, and Calcryx seems to be adopting Asher but still distrusts the rest of the party.

Session Four.

New recruit (Fodd) in toe, the party proceedes to the area between the kobolds and the goblins. They encounter some fountains, skeletons, and find the resting place of Karakas…
They draw an end to their first day in the Sunless Citadel and take a rest in room after baring the door.

Session Three.

Continuing past the first room of the Citadel our heroes find a magically locked door, a water mephit and some kobolds missing their dragon…

The kobold Meepo was the dragon keeper. After a short, and not very informative, meeting with their leader, Yusdrayl, Asher has the bright idea to convince Meepo to help them set an ambush for the kobolds. Meepo betrays their trap the first chance he gets but pays for it with his life when Griff catches up to him. Griff uses him as an example to his new captive, Fodd the kobold.
Asher, after slaying Yusdrayl herself, retrieves the key, with some help from Sabrina, they noticed in her throne room. They believe it is the key to the magically locked door.

Session Two.

The party returns to Oakhurst from the hobgoblin lair with a dying Loak and missing guards in toe.

Asher makes some sales, Kaeric a stash, and Griff tries to clean his shield.

Sabrina arranged for a meeting with the mayor and after some questioning they set out for the Sunless Citadel leaving Loak in the temple to Lathander…

After lowering themselves down into the ravine the part encounters only dire rats at first. After descending down to the actual citadel they finally make their way inside. Griff discovers a secret door from which archers used to fire. Their skeletons lived still, and with Sabrina’s clerical powers they easily destroyed them.

Session One.

Sabrina pulled this messy group together.

Asher was sent to work under her in the the town of Oakhurst. It was her job to oversee the cleansing of the general area of monsters and then help protect the Old Road for Basilisk only caravans. After deciding that Asher (and his two thugs Dek and Loak) were not enough she quickly scooped up the those she could find.

The first was Griff. A half drow warrior. She noticed him the moment she entered the tavern’s main room and took note of him. It didn’t take the length of her entire conversation with Asher to decide he was more than capable help for her work and immediately recruited him.

She also noticed third new arrival to Oakhurst. A travel worn fellow with a bow and the looks of a woodsman. He had kept to himself and stayed in the corner of the main room. Quick to judge character – typically with excellent accuracy – Sabrina knew he would be an invaluable asset to her force. In a few words she confirmed that this Kaeric was a ranger and had already located – as she suspected – the hobgoblin lair.

The next day this trio, Sabrian and Asher’s lackeys set out for the hobgoblin lair…

With Kaeric’s help they easily make their way to the hobgoblin lair. Also with his help they kill the sentry and discover the trap on the entrance. Asher begins making short work of the hobgoblins with little real effort. Griff and Loak both back him up as Dek, Sabrina and Kaeric take shots at the monsters when they can.
When they reached the main room the leader rushes out and wounds Kaeric with an arrow. He switches to swords and begins dueling Asher. Asher, with help, wins out. And just as things look as though they are ending Loak is sent flying across the room in a bloody heap as two dire apes enter the fray.
Griff steps up and with help from the others he manages to hold them off and then take them down. Kaeric, standing over the broken body of Loak, takes the killing blow on one.
As they fall the hobgoblin shaman comes out, only to be taken prisoner by Asher, who makes the hobgoblin give a quick tour of the lair before executing him.
The party searches the rest of the lair to find some good loot, some papers kept by the hobgoblin leaders, the missing town guard and an enchanted torch.
Asher shows this torch off to Griff by stuffing it in his face suddenly. Griff promptly laid Asher low with a single punch.


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