Basilisk & Co.

Session Three.

Continuing past the first room of the Citadel our heroes find a magically locked door, a water mephit and some kobolds missing their dragon…

The kobold Meepo was the dragon keeper. After a short, and not very informative, meeting with their leader, Yusdrayl, Asher has the bright idea to convince Meepo to help them set an ambush for the kobolds. Meepo betrays their trap the first chance he gets but pays for it with his life when Griff catches up to him. Griff uses him as an example to his new captive, Fodd the kobold.
Asher, after slaying Yusdrayl herself, retrieves the key, with some help from Sabrina, they noticed in her throne room. They believe it is the key to the magically locked door.



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